Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I buy your dice?

A: When I have dice available for purchase, I will create listings within the Sale page on this site. When these are posted, I will announce the time of the sale opening on the Home page of the site, in an Instagram & Facebook post as well as emailing anyone subscribed to my mailing list with details of what will be for sale

Q: I see listings for items for sale, but they show as "Out of Stock"

A: I will post images and descriptions of dice roughly a week before the shop opening to allow you to view what will be in the upcoming shop update. However, these items will remain "out of stock" until the shop update time. Check out the Home page, or social media postings to find the time and date of when these items will become available for purchase. ​

Q: Do you take commissions for Dice or Master Dice?

A: In the past, I have taken a lot of commission work for dice masters and a few dice commissions. However, this year I would like to focus on my own creations. I will be finishing out my current commission lists both for dice and dice masters, without opening new slots. If this does change for any reason, I will post on socials and on the Home page of this site with information on how to sign up for commissions. ​

Q: But... Are they balanced?

A: Shortest answer can be found here on TikTok courtesy of my friend Kat @QuietCrowDice

Short answer: if you can roll Chessex Dice on your table, you can roll handmade as they may even be more random than the mass-produced. 

Long Answer: The closest thing to a "perfectly balanced" die exists only in Casinos. This is because Casino dice are created in hermetically sealed chambers so that there is no ability for air bubbles to be created within the die itself. Even with this, however, you will see that dice at casinos are changed out roughly every 10-20minutes or if someone is on a "streak". This is because it is more likely that environmental factors, such as moisture on your hands, the felt on the table, or the turn of your wrist, will impact the roll of the dice more than any "created" balance. ​That being said, handmade dice are more likely to roll randomly than your standard Chessex dice. This is due to the process in which handmade dice are made compared to mass-produced dice. Mass-produced dice, like Chessex, are created using a process called injection molding. This is when melted plastics are forced down tubes into a complex mold then left to cool - check out this 3-minute video for more detailed information on this method: Injection Molding Explained. During this process, air can become trapped in the dice while the plastic cools - causing an imbalance of weight within the dice that can't typically be seen as these dice tend to be solid in color.​The difference, with handmade dice, is that each dice mold is hand filled with resin then, in most cases, the resin is cured under pressure - forcing air out of the resin. Additionally, most handmade dice are clear to some degree and any bubbles can be seen with the naked eye. When it comes to inclusions, adding significant weight to a die can change the die's random nature. This weight, however, needs to be significant - somewhere in the ballpark of 1/2 the die's overall weight - to have any impact. Meaning that adding a flower and some gold leaf to one side of a die will not change the randomness of the die. Adding a rock, however, will. If a dice is made with a larger inclusion, most makers will cast the inclusion in resin as well, to ensure that the weight is the same as the dice itself, and therefore not cause an unbalanced situation to occur. ​

Q: How much do your dice cost?

A: This is a hard question to answer as it all depends on the amount of time, resources and energy that go into a set. That being said, most 7pc sets will start around $125. This doesn't mean this is the base or high price for a full set, it is, however, on average the amount that they will be listed for. 

Q: I've made a purchase, how long until I receive it?

A: Short answer: Once purchased, your items will be placed in the mail within 3-5 business days​

Long answer: The only part of shipping that I can control is how fast I can get them to the post office. Due to the pandemic, I have limited my trips to the post office to once a week, on Monday nights. This means that if you made your purchase between Tuesday - Saturday, it should ship out the following Monday. If you made your purchase on Sunday or Monday, it is likely that these will be shipped out the following Monday. ​In regard to estimated deliveries: within the United States, typically my packages arrive within a week. Canada seems to take about 2 weeks, the UK roughly 2 weeks and Eastern Europe is roughly 4 weeks. 

​Q: Do you ship internationally?

A: Yes. With this, please note that all customs and import taxes or fees are the purchaser's responsibility. You will want to be sure that you provide both your email address and phone number if ordering from outside the United States so that I am able to place this on the customs form for contact. ​If an item is returned to me by customs for failure to pay these taxes or fees, the cost of the item will not be refunded. 

Q: Do you offer refunds or exchanges?

A: As I am a solo operation, and items are uniquely custom - especially on commissions - I don't offer refunds or exchanges for items. ​That being said, if you are truly unhappy with your purchase, or the items were damaged during shipping, please let me know and I will be happy to review with you to see what can be done to ensure your satisfaction with your purchase. 

Q: Do you offer tutorials on creating your projects?

A: I am and will always be an educator. I fully intend to have a blog space on this site with tips, tricks, and tutorials for the aspiring creator. However, please note that I won't be able to provide exact steps taken to create some of my lines of items as there will always need to be a little bit of mystery. ​If there is a tutorial or process walk-through you'd like to see in a future blog post, please don't hesitate to send me an email and I'll be happy to review it.