Who am I?

Alright...::deep breath:: here goes... ​

My name is ToriLynn (she/her). I have travelled around the sun approximately 32 times as of the year 2020. I am from the CIA Blacksite known as Boise, Idaho. I'm currently engaged to my partner of 11ish global rotations, the Chad, and we are the proud parents to four fur babies: Luna Lovegood (a tubby tabby), Belatrix LaStrange (a half-stashed tuxedo), Daenerys "Dani" dog-of-a-thousand-names "Mae" (mutant hybred of the lab, hound and pitbull variety - she's one of the perks of living at a blacksite), and Nephrayu "Frey" Nox (a furry ball of huskin magic). 

​I'm an early March Pisces (yes, there is a difference), my favorite colors are teal and purple, my favorite flowers are Peonies, favorite gemstone is Sapphire, and my favorite smell is a thunderstorm in late summer. I'm an only child, which makes me bad at sharing. I love ice cream even though I'm lactose-intolerant. I love to garden even though everything.always.dies...​When the sun is up, I'm an at home (pre pandemic) Technical Support agent for a project management software company. Once the moon rises, I'm a serial crafter, social introvert and all around weirdo. I love to read, write, craft in any medium and sing along to Disney radio turned alllll the way up. When there isn't a global pandemic, we love to travel, with our most recent adventures being 3 weeks spent all over Ireland (where we got engaged) and Hawaii. 

​I have a Bachelors degree in English Literature with a focus on Victorian Romanticism, and second Bachelors in History with a minor in Religious Studies that focused on Celtic and Catholic origins and growth to modern day. These three areas of focus were found though my love of Arthurian Legend and Celtic Lore. 

Why Dice?

I got into resin crafing in 2013 when I first watched King of the Nerds and Heros of Cosplay and realized I didn't have to wait until Halloween to make costumes. ​

After my first session of Dungeons & Dragons in 2018 I decided I wanted to have custom everything ... I'm a bit extra and thought "whelp that will be easy", and with the help of my best friend the Sambula, we ventured on this - not so easy - quest. Now, two 3D printers later, some questionable "inclusions" and enough glitter to fill an olympic swimming pool, here I am. ​

In 2020 I mainly focused on creating masters for other makers using the skills and techniques I taught myself in 2019. However, 2021 will see the rise of my new dice lines and additional gaming accessories to finally fulfill my need for "everything custom" at my next D&D session. ​

Dice making brings me so much creative relief and I truly believe that they bring light in the darkest of places for others, so I made the decision to bring my creations to others through my shop.​

**Note that the image to the right was the first time I created dice in 2018 - please be sure that when working with resin you're using proper safety practices.